Wednesday, May 2, 2012

 Men's clothing: The loincloth was the basis of clothing for men, but representatives of the higher social classes wore them longer. The priests wore leopard robe when serving their god.

 Women's clothing: The women wore tunics.
Types of tunic dresses: - The tunics made of linen pieces.
- The tunics with short sleeves.
- The tunics to the ankles with braces.

 The women and the men wore capes - KALASIRIS.
The Egyptian dress was complemented with ornaments:
- necklaces in the shape of a flange
- pectorals, which had a symbolic meaning

 The pharaon wore a false beard, which was made of leather or metal. The head was covered with a striped shawl. Rich people wore wigs. On special occasions they had shoes on their feet. The first ones were sandals made from leather.

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