Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Men's clothing: On legs men wore established pants. The pants had leather soles, which replaced the shoes. Characterisctic shoes were "ciżmy" with elongated noses and rolled up. Men's shirt assumed woolen frock (cotte) whose front was cut open. Later, they wore a doublet. The doublet was a jacket to the hips.

On the head they wore: - a hood of the cloak that covered the arms

- "chapetron," which was a combination of a cape fastened on the head and which looked like a turban

A form of today's jackets were capes.
Women's clothing:
Women's clothing dress consisted of two layers:
- a shirt (chemise)
- "cotte," which had long sleeves and was tied with a belt

The men and women wore "bliaut". It was a dress fitting at the top and wide below the hips.

The knights in armour wore "surkot". It was a simple loose-fitting sweater with sleeves that could be put away on their backs .

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