Friday, May 11, 2012

Clothing in ancient Rome.

 Women's clothing: -TUNIC The Roman tunic is associated with the Greek "chiton".
"Stola" was thinner than the tunic. "Stola" was a long dress, which consisted of two rectangles of material fastened on the shoulders.
-PALLA "Palla" was a robe made from a rectangular piece of fabric.

 Men's clothing: -PALLIUM "Pallium" was the outer robe. The robe for ordinary people was made of wool, linen or cotton. "Pallium" for higher social classes was sewn from silk.

 -TOGA Toga was worn on special celebrations. It was made of wool.

Soldiers in Rome wore "abolla" or a cape, which was a spin on one shoulder. The soldiers had a felt hat in the shape of a cone on their heads. They wore sandals on their feet, which were made of thick leather. On the soles there were metal studs.

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