Sunday, April 15, 2012

The music "emo":

Fashion is associated with subculture. One of them is EMO. The people representing this subculture wear skinny jeans, belts with brads. They have long bangs. Their favourite shoes are material sneakers or old destroyed shoes. The "emo" people wear tight T-shirts, blouses with strange inscriptions, which are often controversial. Emo who are visually impaired can wear glasses with black thick holders. The "emo" people listen to rock music.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Every season is associated with a new fashion. We're having spring now. The fashion is going back to 20s. This season we're putting on colours and crazy patterns. Time to put on short shorts! This summer will dominate white, which women like. Expressive trend in this season are the tops with cut on the neck or ties at the neck. This spring the girls who love pink will look fashionably. Clothes in pastel colours are very welcome this season.
Hi! I'm Weronika. I have gone to high school for three years. I'm in Year 3 now. I will have exams in 20 days. The exams cause stress for me. I'm afraid, but I'm doing everything to change the attitude. I love music. I like to buy magazines on fashion. The fashion is different and unusual every year. The designer wants people to look smart. The clothes should be comfortable and universal. Every woman likes to have in her wardrobe "a little black" and she wants to look wonderful!