Monday, June 18, 2012


Woman's clothing:
Women's shoes were laced after the Romans.The dress had a high waist. Deep neckline covered the flange or wide, lacy collar. The hands were covered in excess of the wrist sleeves or long gloves. The front part of the head was decorated with a wide brimmed hat. The puffed sleeves changed in "gigots" - puffed sleeves from the shoulder to the elbow and very tight from elbow to the wrist. The hairstyles were decorated with diadems. The headwear was "bonnet" - a combination of a cap and hat.

Men's clothing:
Men wore a tailcoat. They wore a corded corset under the waistcoat. The shirts didn't have a collar. A man wore long trousers "pantalony". It made him abandon boots and bring in "sztiflety." Fashionable men's clothing was supplemented with a tie, gloves and a walking s

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