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The Baroque moulded historical events. Big influence on clothing of the period had the Spanish fashion of renaissance and gothic.
Woman's clothing:

 In the Baroque appeared "mantual" top coat cut in one piece material. "Mantua" was kept on the arms. It covered partially the neckline. The clothing was modest and more dignified.
The hairstyle for women equaled the wig - "fontange": it was a lacy bonnet to which ribbons were attached.
In Baroque dress removed the flange, which resulted in the unveilling of the neck and neckline.
Very important in the dresses were puffed sleeves tied with ribbons - "viraro".
In the Baroque a baggy night gown was introduced.

Men's clothing:

In the Baroque evolved three silhouettes of men:

- The silhouette of a musketeer:

 Characteristic feature was:
- white large shirt with a big collar,
- wide cuffs with lace,
- wide froch coat, trousers wide at the top, tied below under knees with ribbons or a bow,
- felt hat decorated with feathers.

- The silhouette of "Rhenish Count":

 The characteristic were Rhine trousers with a loose-fitting shirt. Men wore a lace shirt with puffy sleeves, a short vest, and silk stockings.

- The silhouette of "szustokor":

 Fitted frock-coat. The sleeves were to the wrist. The clothing had a lot of buttons, clips.

Very popular were wigs (allonge).
On the head they wore a hat with a triangle.

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