Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Men's clothing:

 The silhouette of a renaissance man is this:
- heavy,
- full puffy arms,
- standing square,
- thin legs.
The elements of men's clothing: - shirt,
- trousers,
- stockings,
- shoes,
- doublet,
- wams/jerkin: fitted waistcoat,
- "kryza": the jewellery,
- "szuba": a loose cape,
- beret: a cap or hat

The renaissance shirt had long sleeves and often a handstand.

 The trousers: - "trunk hose": short trousers up to half thigh
- "pludry": loose trousers with a cut
- "cannions": fitted to leg trousers
- "venetians": trousers up to below knees

The stockings were fitted to leg. The stockings were made with knitwear.
 The shoes were soft, comfortable, fitted to foot. They were made with fat, decorated embroidery fabric. The characteristic shoes were "kuhmaul": the shoes around wide, square toe.

 The doublet to put on a shirt was the caftan zip front, with indented sleeves.

 The "wams/jerkin": fitted sleeveless waistcoat .
On the head men wore a flat beret with a brim flourished to the top.

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