Friday, June 1, 2012

The renaissance is the time of elegance and wealth. The characteristic of this epoch was the rivalry of the courts of England and France.

 Women's clothing: The figure of a woman in renaissance looked like a sandglass with a narrow waist and strong arms. Cuts dominated in women's clothing.
The women's clothing consisted of four layers: - shirt,
- dress bottom,
- top dress,
- cape
The dress was split into: - the upper part,
- the bottom part,

The neckline was mantled with a "partet". Woman's hair was decorated with ribbons, string of pears and also veils, berets and hats.
On dresses women wore capes (mantello).

At the beginging of the renaissance they wore simple shoes that fit the foot.Most were "chopine" or shoes with high contours.

The women often wore "zibellino" - the marten fur.
The shirts which women wore were made of linen, wool, but sometimes the shirts were made of cotton and silk. The shirts were worn on the naked body.
In the renaissance stockings matched the shape of the leg.
The shirt was called "camiciola" - it richly decorated the jacket.
Moreover, to widen the bottom of the "verdugado" - additional shirt with fine linen was worn. The skirt was sewn in hoops.
On the shirt there was a dress without sleeves.
On the arms women put on a "partlet" - the bolero tied with ribbons under the armpits.

 The top dress often was laced.
The sleeves of the dress were decorative and puffy.
The women often wore dublets - vests, which were fitted to the waist.


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